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Fire Damage Restoration

Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration

A house fire is always an unexpected and tragic disaster, and even after the danger of the fire itself is gone, the burden of worry and loss quickly sets in. Our common brush fire and the arid conditions we naturally have in Bakersfield, California don’t help in any way either. We know and care about the stress you may experience, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. At Drytech, we are always committed to our core values of honesty, quality and transparency; you can clearly see as we help you recover from a fire loss.


Fire damage can spread quickly, even engulfing an entire house in minutes. Often times, however, the actual fire is much more controlled than that, with fire affecting a single area until the fire department arrives. We have the expertise, tools and know-how to make any property better than ever, from start to finish.


The smoke from a fire can quickly affect adjacent rooms and hallways, spreading carcinogens on virtually every surface. At Drytech, we use tried and true fire restoration techniques with the latest cleaning equipment on the market, leaving you with a spotless finish. As the nature of fire is very volatile, the work and thus time required is both specific and unique to your home. While the methods used in our fire restoration depends on the job itself, our core process generally consists of the following:



The Fire Restoration Process


  • 1. Contact & Free Estimate – As soon as you call us, we schedule a service rep to survey the site and give you an estimate for the repair work. Our service team would be glad to help you with filing an insurance claim for the whole process.
  • 2. Water Damage Restoration – More often than not, a combination of fire sprinklers and a visit from the fire dept. leaves your house both burnt & soaked. Before we can completely restore your home, we typically need to start with a water removal service.
  • 3. Protect Items & Haul Trash – We then need to protect your preserved household goods and furnishing from further damage, and discard what has been ruined by the fire damage.
  • 4. Smoke & Soot Cleaning – All surfaces which can be restored are then cleaned by our fire restoration techs with specialty tools and cleaners for a soot free finish.
  • 5. Odor Control – Even with the majority of the smoke and fire damage repairs done, smoke leaves an intense and lingering odor. Our techs use state of the art equipment to remove it from both the surfaces and the air.
  • 6. Final Restoration – When the rest of the site is under control, we can then begin with final restoration steps, often reinstalling drywall, painting, moving furniture, and various finishing touches.


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No one ever expects to have a fire break out, but when it does happen, at Drytech we’ve got your back. With a local business attitude and worldwide training from the best institutes in the country, we give consistent results you can count on – that’s quality without compromise. If you have experienced a fire, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us help you – we’ll have a service and repair tech to your door within an hour!

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