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Property Restoration

DryTech Cleaning and Restoration

The property restoration and cleaning service we offer is a step above the average janitorial cleaning. No two jobs are the same, so we take the time to address every concern there may be in the cleaning of your home or business. Our technicians have hands-on experience and training with the IICRC coupled with the latest equipment and cleaning methods in the industry to leave you with only the best deep cleaning service.

From casual cleaning to emergency rebuilding, at DryTech we’ve got you covered. It has been our pleasure to work with homeowners and property managers alike to repair and restore homes and apartments to a freshly cleaned state. Let us help you tackle the burden of routine cleaning and leave you with a clean environment for you and your family. We offer a variety of carpet, tile, and general cleaning services – all with pricing to fit every budget.

Specialty Cleaning Services


  • Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning – Dark traffic lanes, spots and food stains, and matting all eventually happen. And a deep cleaning from DryTech will restore your carpet’s soft pile and make its colors glow again! We use, bonnet, dry cleaning, and hot water extraction based on consumer needs and the carpets material.
  • Commercial and Residential Tile & Hard Surface Cleaning – Tile and wood floors have a beautiful finish to them, but over time that finish can be lost. We work with you to restore any finish back to it’s former glory!
  • Trash & Debris Hauling  – Hording, move outs and vandalism leave a lot to be desired, and that’s where our technicians come in to remove any unwanted clutter.
  • Odor Removal – Everything has a certain odor to them, but when accidents, happen, we make it right. From stubborn smoke odors to a Thanksgiving dinner gone wrong, we can make it right.
  • Carpet Stretching and Repairs – While furniture is great, moving heavy objects across carpeted areas causes “bubbles” and may tear your floor. Damaged holes, warping and infamous red stains can all easily be removed today by our techs!
  • Pet Stain Removal – Accidents happen, and life goes on. If a pet has made their mark on your floors or furniture, our techs can hit the undo button and remove that smell and make it spotlessly clean again.

Our Price Match Guarantee

We appreciate your business and strive to maintain the best value in the industry – that’s why we honor our price match guarantee for work in our community. If you are able to get an estimate or coupon from a local competitor for the same cleaning service at a lower cost, we will not only match it but beat it too! That’s our commitment to you – to bring the best service at the best price!

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