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If you’ve recently had a fire or are trying to get rid of that cigarette smell in your home, you know how tough it can be to get rid of the smoke odor. Even after the ashes have been cleared and the surfaces have been cleaned, that distinct smell can still linger in the air and on your belongings. It’s not just unpleasant, it can also affect your health and the value of your home. That’s when the professionals at DryTech Restoration LLC are ready step in to help

As an emergency fire and water damage restoration company in Bakersfield, CA, we specialize in getting rid of smoke odors for good. Our team of experienced professionals uses advanced techniques and equipment to remove the smell from all types of surfaces, including walls, carpets, furniture, and more. We can even help with HVAC Vent Cleaning, and your personal possession cleaning to make sure your home is completely smoke-free.

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Get rid of the lingering smoke smell - Permanently!

If you’ve recently experienced a fire, or if you’ve ever tried dealing with the effects of  smoking in your living space, you know how overwhelming the smell can be. It’s not just unpleasant – it can be downright toxic, leading to respiratory issues and other health problems for you and your family.

At DryTech Restoration LLC, we understand the importance of taking care of smoke odor as quickly as possible. That’s why we offer comprehensive services designed to remove the smell of smoke from every corner of your home. Our team of professionals has the training and experience necessary to tackle even the toughest smoke odors.

But we don’t just mask the smell – we eliminate it at the source. Our state-of-the-art techniques and advanced equipment allow us to remove smoke odors from all types of surfaces, including carpets, curtains, furniture, and more. We’ll by right there with you to help every step of the way, with a custom made plan just for your needs.


DIY Smoke Odor Removal Tips from The Pros

You might be tempted to try and tackle the smoke odor problem on your own, but there are a few reasons why this isn’t always the best choice. For one, it can be difficult to completely remove the smell from porous materials like carpets and upholstery. Even if you use store-bought sprays or home remedies, the smell typically comes back after a few days.

Additionally, some methods for removing smoke odors can actually make the problem worse. For example, using scented candles or air fresheners might mask the smell temporarily, but they can also add more chemicals to the air and potentially mix and create a worse odor than before.

With that said, we would recommend the following as reasonable options for those ready to tackle a project on their own:

  1. Wear a mask and protective equipment – It’s not worth removing smoke odor if you can’t do it safely. Chemical handling and scrubbing is very common technique for smoke odor removal professionals

  2. Open windows and doors to air out the affected area – Get as much clean airflow in your project as possible to counteract the old musty odors.

  3. Clean all hard, washable surfaces with a solution of water and vinegar, with a ratio of about 50/50. Repeat until cleaned.

  4. Use baking soda to absorb odors from carpets and upholstery. Let it remain on the items being cleaned for a few hours before vacuuming and re-applying

  5. Change all your AC Filters, and try using an odor-eliminating spray like neutralize the smell. The more common name odor-removers being Lysol, and less commonly Ozium. Be careful when applying, and make sure all pets and people are removed from the area, as per the use instructions.


Breathe Easy with DryTech

Whether you’re dealing with cigarette smoke or the aftermath of a fire, smoke odors can be overwhelming and unpleasant. DryTech Restoration uses advanced methods to remove smoke odors from every corner of your home, ensuring that you can breathe easy again. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch smoke and odor removal services to our clients, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help with your smoke issues.


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